October 13, 2015

Fixate Cookbook

Have you heard of this cookbook? It is AWESOME. Over 100 recipes, tailored to the 21 Day Fix program, to make cooking with this program a breeze! I'm giving away some copies this month for the 21 Day Fix Challengers, if you would like to be a part of the giveaway, just shoot me an email and we'll get you started! JaleneCabralesFitness@gmail.com. To learn more about my 21 Day Fix challenges, click HERE.


Fall into Fitness

My gosh you guys, I cannot believe that it is already Fall. Although, So Cal peeps can attest that it doesn't feel one bit like fall over here, the weather still creeps near 100 degrees each day. My life has been a whirlwind in the past month or so, my new beautiful niece was born, my first niece! My mom friends outpoured love on my sister from day one, donating awesome baby items to her, it was just incredible to watch! Moms, you really are a class act. I've been focusing a lot on being a mommy, and I really let my fitness fall to the backburner for a short time. It happens to all of us! I eat pretty good, but my workouts have suffered. Is this like you? I know I'm not alone, and I'm not afraid to say that even a fitness lover like me falls short at times. However, I'm ready to fall back into fitness! Halloween is coming, and that means a considerable amount of candy. I don't partake of TONS of candy, but chocolate has always been a weakness for me. I'll be starting up my new fall group on November second! Details below~ Let's get our acts together!

Fall into Fitness Group Starting November 2, after you eat all that Halloween Candy! Haha

This group will run for 5 days, Monday through Friday. The goal is to get you "Fit by Friday" and detox your body with clean eating nutrition while possibly dropping a couple pounds! Average weight loss is 2-5 pounds in 5 days.

* November 2nd
* 8 Spots Only
* First come first served, and must register by October 20th.
* 5 Days of Shakeology (mix of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavor)
* 5 Day Clean Eating Menu with meal plan and grocery list
* 5 10-15 minute workout circuits, no equipment needed, from your own home on your own time and convenience
* Private accountability group for support

$35, includes tax and shipping. Payable by Paypal only.