I mom so hard, just like you! And while we mommies try not to let "mom" become our identity, the fact of the matter is, it's a HUGE part of who we are. It shapes our fitness:

1. The time we have to workout
2. The meals we prepare
3. What we are overcoming in out fitness journey (like a body change from child birth! Or a C-Section!)

My mission is to help people overcome obstacles in health and fitness, if we don't have a priority for our health, who will? I don't know about you, but I want to be around to see my grandbabies, and I want to be able to play chase with them! Together, let's work to get your Mama Confidence on point! Mama Confidence is not just about your appearance, of course we all want to drop the baby weight and tone up the tummy. But Mama Confidence is also a confidence in your health- that you will be around to enjoy every milestone in your children’s lives. Mama Confidence is being able to rock any outfit you choose for date night! Mama Confidence is having the stamina to keep up with your little darlings as you chase them around the park. And Mama Confidence is getting your pre-baby groove back!

On this page, you'll find resources and encouragement for moms! Check back often because I'm always adding new resources!

For a FREE Get Mommy Fit eBook with recipes, sample meal plan, and even ideas for how to get your little monsters (I mean, darlings) to eat well, please CLICK HERE and sign up via email, the eBook will be sent right to your inbox and you can even save it to your phone! I keep my copy in my iBooks for easy access to recipes.

It's difficult to manage all of the new emotions that come with becoming a mom, but feeling uncomfortable with your body doesn't have to be one of them. If you're like me, you may need a little help becoming a happier & healthier version of yourself, so hang out with me for support and encouragement!

You’re probably contemplating closing this page right now! DON'T! I get it, you barely have time to take a shower most days. Can you really meal prep and squeeze in a workout? Well, I’m not going to say it’s going to be a piece of cake, everything worth having requires a bit of work (remember delivering that bundle of joy? Not easy, totally worth it).

I am going to ask you a serious question… If you don’t make time for yourself to become the best person you can be, how can you be the best mommy for your kids? There’s a saying, “you cannot fill someone else’s cup if your cup is empty.” You’re a person too, and you need to take care of yourself just like any other member of your family!

There are some INCREDIBLE benefits to getting healthy!

Increase your energy! Develop healthy lifestyle habits! Increase your endurance (just think how much easier it will be to chase toddlers!)
Lose the baby weight! Get stronger! Be a better you and a better mom!

I am so excited to help you reach your goals and feel better than you have in a long, long time.


I know mama, you...are...busy. Check out this meal plan that I created with all clean and healthy meals, most of which are crock pot style! Get your copy by signing up here and it will go straight to your email!


PlayGround Workout - Check this one out, it's easy to do during a park play date or even in your own backyard!

Toddler Yoga - Check out some yoga poses that you can do with your child, this comes in handy when your toddler is in meltdown mode!

Got teens? Check this one out to complete with your teenager's skateboard that you know is lying around somewhere!

So, you wanna workout, but that takes 30 minutes from your children and you already have MOM GUILT!

Turn ME time into US time. My daughter LOVES working out with me. SHE is the one that requests it! Try it with your kids. Don't feel like you're taking time away from them to get to your workout, involve them. Maybe they'll love it as much as my little partner does.


How to maintain milk supply while getting fit and losing weight? Workout for C-Section?


And how to use it:

Time Management- How to get, and stay, motivated!

Had to share!! Today, my Facebook MomLife group shared stories of struggle and failure as a huge part of Momlife... the honesty and rawness (is that a word?) of it blessed me. I know I'm not alone! I hope you know you're not alone, every single one of us has rotten days! God handpicked you for those babies of yours, you ARE enough. God doesn't make mistakes and He values children more than anything, so He wouldn't take a gamble on you! You're a sure thing. You're the perfect Mom for your babies. To get in on the next MomLife: Choose Joy Study, please email me!