June 22, 2015

How does a regular person like you get a discount on Shakeology?

If you’re looking for how to “buy Shakeology cheap” then there’s a very good chance that you have heard all about it and want to know how to get the best possible deal. If you haven't had a chance to look into Shakeology, here ya go! Follow this link and then come back!

People ask me all the time how they can buy Shakeology at a great price and save the most money. There are several ways to save money on Shakeology, but to save the MOST money, you'll want to get yourself a coach membership! Don't hang up yet! Read on, it's not AT ALL what you think. I promise!

When I first started drinking Shakeology, I really needed to make it the most cost effective for me and my family. We had one income, 3 kids, and a SoCal mortgage! Not a good combo. But I really felt like I needed something like Shakeology. I had ZERO energy, zero focus, I needed to fuel my workouts and overall I had heard SO MANY amazing things about Shakeology, I was just curious. So when I heard that I could try it at a discount, I nearly JUMPED at the chance. So I joined as a coach.

Now, my story may not be yours. When I got my little discount, I started sharing all about my new found secret weapon and the workouts I was doing, I started helping people to change their life like I had. I couldn't help myself! I'm a natural HELPER, it's in my bones. You do NOT have to do this! You can totally be a closet Shakeology drinker!

If you want a shakeology discount, the VERY SAME DISCOUNT that I get as a coach, you can join in as a coach and get my price! Think of it like a membership, because you DO NOT have to coach. You do not have to do anything but sit back and enjoy that discount on your fancy chocolate shake. I have a ton of “coaches” on my team that are simply Shakeology fans and want to take advantage of the 25% discount.

For me this was no brainer, I am super frugal, very thrifty with money. If I can craft it myself, I will. I'm that Pinterest junkie. So if I can get a discount without doing a thing, yes, sign me up. I joined as a coach and got a discount on Shakeology.

So how do you get the discount and how much is it?

The discount for coaches is 25% off any Beachbody product, Shakeology, workouts, vitamins, supplements, workout gear, shaker cups, etc. The membership commitment is $15.95 monthly, starting your second month (there are no fees for active duty military or their spouse). You save about $32 a month, so your net savings after paying your membership fee is about $16... $16 off your shakeology every single month! You're drinking it anyways, GET THE DISCOUNT! That's ALMOST $200 A YEAR in savings, just for doing nothing!

How do you become a coach?
You can signup for FREE with the purchase of a challenge pack (shakeology plus a workout of your choice at a discounted price). If you've ever bought a challenge pack in the past, sign up and then you can request to have the sign up cost refunded. Or you can pay the $39.95 sign up fee, that's a one time fee, it's not annual or anything, just one time.


CLICK HERE and follow the quick and easy steps! Be sure to message me when you do!
Im so EXCITED to help you find your soulmate shakeology recipe! And share mine with you!

-Think it will be impossible to cancel? IT’S NOT! You can cancel anytime! No questions asked! No binding contracts or weird tricks!

So today, I dare you! I double dog dare you to try this and save money on your Shakeology.

I promise you won’t be disappointed!

But you CAN get a killer discount!

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