February 20, 2017


Trying something different!!! A little personal info: I've got some "stuff" going on with my body and I honestly feel horrible on a daily basis. Irritable, short fuse, headaches, stomach discomfort, aches, anxiety, just feeling bad, everyday. I believe this has to do with post partum, my tubal, and just not being on point with my nutrition AND getting zero sleep. I just feel very negative right now, and while I'm no optimist, it's definitely worse than usual. 

3 day refresh is my favorite detox/cleanse! But, I cannot detox because I'm nursing. 

I'm starting my Love YOU first challenge, which is aptly named! I need to focus on a little bit for me everyday so that I can be a better person, mom, wife, and friend. I decided to try something different and begin this challenge with a little mini cleanse/sugar detox. My plan is to sort of mimic the foods in 3 day refresh (mostly veggies) but in larger portions for my milk supply and with the intention of cleaning up my diet rather than detoxing into my milk! I'm posting daily in my group what I eat and mentioning my intention here mainly for my own accountability... But also if anyone is interested in following along and maybe trying it yourself in the future. I highly recommend 3 day refresh if your body can do it at this time, but sadly mine cannot. 

Today was a success. And I stayed away from the cookies 😂 morning coffee followed by shakeology, green beans and apple for lunch, lots of water with lemon, and roasted veggies with brown rice/quinoa for dinner. I feel good, but also a little hungry so I'll have to adjust for that tomorrow and make sure I eat more.


February 6, 2017