January 24, 2017

Meal plan tip

Meal planning tip: don't do this 👇🏼 😂 you're so welcome ✌🏼️


January 11, 2017


Had one last night, after being out for a little bit. And yay for my chocolate breakfast today 🙌🏼 Already feel 💯 times better and seeing improvement in my overall health. I also "just said no" to the chocolate ice cream that I all but forced my husband to buy for me over the weekend lest I murder someone 😂 and Bella's candy stash is safe 👌🏼 

This shake pretty much slaps that candy outta my hand. But tastes like dessert in itself. What's your superpower?


January 8, 2017

Life Quote

✨ Yes!!! Cautious is boring. Let's be fantastic!!! ✨


January 5, 2017

Clean Eating on a Tight Budget

Hello friends! I've got a quick video to share with you how to eat healthy on a tight budget. I think a lot of times people think that they cannot afford to eat healthy. But, you cannot afford not to! We cannot put a price tag on health. However, I know the struggle is real, stay at home mom here with 3 kiddos in the house. Calorie for Calorie, unhealthy food seems cheaper. But when you really look at it, it's not, and here's why plus my top tips to make your healthy meal plan work for your budget.

- Buy fruits and vegetables that are in season. They are at their peak flavor and nutrition also.

- Know when you can afford to skip the organic option. Some foods minimally absorb any pesticides that come their way, these are called the Clean Fifteen. And then there are the Dirty Dozen, these should absolutely be organic options. You can find these two lists here.

- The store brand of organic is just as good as name brand, and not as costly!

- Buy your staples in bulk. Especially grains, nut butters, spices and oils.

- Don't shy away from frozen fruits and vegetables. They are flash frozen in their peak time for freshness. The nutrients are preserved because there isn't time for the air to deteriorate them. And there's often a store brand!

- Make enough for leftovers! It cuts down on food waste.

- Cook simple with minimal Ingredients.

- Freeze foods before they go bad.

- Shop different stores and sales.

- Meal plan! It eliminates excess food. And you can create meals that use the same ingredients and buy those in bulk.

Cost effective foods:





Seasonal fruits and vegetables


Frozen veggies

Whole raw almonds

Brown rice


Chicken breasts