June 23, 2017

Fitness apparel sale!

Hey friends! Do you use Cartwheel for Target? If not, you need to! Heads up, this weekend only, there is fitness apparel on sale for 30% off! 


June 14, 2017


A blender is by far my favorite kitchen tool. THIS ONE specifically! It does SO much and it KNOWS how long it needs to blend a specific food/drink. I use it for my shakes in the morning, I use it for making cookie dough, for blending up muffin batter, and for any frozen drink or popsicles! 



June 8, 2017

Get outside and get moving!

It's that time again! The time when the GORGEOUS outdoors is calling my name! On the weekends, I don't usually do a traditional workout. Instead, I like to get outside and eat moving with my family. Your children are watching you, looking for healthy habits. Be a great example to them and have fun while you're doing it! Children can go with you on pretty much any outdoor workout, a walk/jog/run, a hike, playing some sports at a local park, frisbee, swimming. What can you think of to do outside with the kiddos?!

For the kids...
Swimming: If you're going to use a floatie, and opinions are different on this so do what you like, I've always recommended these ones  so I can get a good swim going while my littles play with me!

Jogging: my faaaaavorite stroller is this one ! And the tray attachment  is a MUST.

Stroller fans come in handy too!

Which baby products do you recommend for outdoor play?

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June 1, 2017

Squats and Salads!

This month is my annual 30 DAY SQUAT group. I love these free Facebook groups because it's such a fun way to meet like minded people. Get out of your comfort zone and join a Facebook fitness group!