June 8, 2017

Get outside and get moving!

It's that time again! The time when the GORGEOUS outdoors is calling my name! On the weekends, I don't usually do a traditional workout. Instead, I like to get outside and eat moving with my family. Your children are watching you, looking for healthy habits. Be a great example to them and have fun while you're doing it! Children can go with you on pretty much any outdoor workout, a walk/jog/run, a hike, playing some sports at a local park, frisbee, swimming. What can you think of to do outside with the kiddos?!

For the kids...
Swimming: If you're going to use a floatie, and opinions are different on this so do what you like, I've always recommended these ones  so I can get a good swim going while my littles play with me!

Jogging: my faaaaavorite stroller is this one ! And the tray attachment  is a MUST.

Stroller fans come in handy too!

Which baby products do you recommend for outdoor play?

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