July 21, 2016

The Hard is What Makes it Great

My 30 DAY PUSH group is doing AMAZING! The ladies are checking in every day and having fun while staying accountable! We are being honest, real, working an 80/20 or 90/10 healthy lifestyle. I've been struggling big time to stay accountable after baby. But this group is helping me immensely.

Staying accountable to yourself is hard, being unhealthy is hard. CHOOSE YOUR HARD! I promise, the "staying accountable" hard is the better version of hard because it leaves you feeling GOOD! And looking good too!

My Commitments:
Superfood nutrition shake as breakfast
DVD Workout 5 days a week
Portion controlled meal plan
Goal to Lose 5 pounds (I'm nursing, so this is a safe 30 day weight loss goal for me)
Daily check ins with my group

It's going great!!

If you need the extra push of motivation like me, you can join us too! Just shoot me an email or contact me on Facebook.

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