June 22, 2016


I'm my GET MOMMY FIT group, we've been focusing a lot on weight loss, because that's the goal of the participants. But I passed this message along and I think others need to hear it as well! Moms, please remember that you grew a human! I'm the first one to tell you this is a HARD concept for me to grasp. I'm only 7 weeks Post Partum and itching to get my figure back. Where does this pressure to lose our baby weight as fast as possible come from? Society? Ourselves? Why do we feel like crap about our stretched skin, oversized uterus pooch, extra weight? Because that's not beautiful? Who said that? Society? Ourselves? No really, who the heck said that?! .... WE GROW HUMAN BEINGS INSIDE OUR BODY! We gained weight because that is BIOLOGICALLY what is supposed to happen! Too little, too much, who makes that determination?! Every body is different. We'll put the weight on differently, and we'll lose it differently. No need to compare yourself to someone else or to some 'standard' of pregnancy weight gain/loss.

We carry these babies around for 9 months as they stretch our belly to its breaking point, literally. They change our body type.... Child bearing hips anyone? I've got them! Then, we then go through the pain of delivery where we miraculously squeeze that human out from a hole that it has no business being squeezed out of! Hole is too small, baby is too big, but it works, somehow, a true miracle. That, or have our abs sliced open and stretched apart to literally pull the baby out of us! And then that recovery is just peachy.
Then by another miracle we give that baby all the nutrition needed for survival... Again, FROM OUR OWN BODY! We then battle sleep deprivation, loss of energy, lack of time, and a whole host of other yucky emotions including the self loathing we feel about our new body figure... All the while loving that little baby more than words can describe and knowing that he/she is worth every bit of it.

Ladies! We are absolutely remarkable in every way! If you don't think that's remarkable, you have a screw loose.

Let's give ourselves a break and start loving ourselves for the truly incredible beings that we are! Let's focus on fitness as a health journey, not a "lose weight quick" journey. Let's lose this weight so we feel better about ourselves, but let's do it the right way, slow and steady and using the right tools... give ourselves a break on losing it as fast as humanly possible, or even faster! And during the journey, let's focus on feeling good about ourselves for who we are... The women we are, the mothers we are, the wives/girlfriends we are. We rock! The weight does not define us, yes it may make us sad/frustrated, but we can use that as fuel for the flame of our health journey... and we'll get it off. I KNOW we will. And you have to KNOW that too. Believe in yourself. Giving life is a miracle, but there is no miracle that will give us our bodies back, only hard work, dedication, determination, and healthy habits. I WILL GIVE YOU THE TOOLS, and you CAN do this. It won't be tomorrow, but it will be soon enough.

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