June 22, 2016


Finding the time to workout

It takes a certain degree of self motivation to get moving for a workout every day. Not to be harsh, but it starts with you. Everyday I hear women tell me every single reason why they need to start a fitness routine NOW, and every day I hear women tell me an excuse of why they should wait until next week. I'm not meaning to be discouraging, on the contrary. When you hear me talk about this scenario, if you were to give advice to these women don't you think your advice would be "just start friend!" Totally. Just start. The only workout you regret is the one you didn't do. The only program you regret is the one you didn't start.

Okay so you've now started a fitness routine, how do you find the time daily to squeeze in the workout? You've got to make it a priority. You have heard that statement "there's no such thing as being too busy, if you want it, you'll find a way." Or how about "no matter how busy a person is, if they care for you, they will always find the time for you." It's the same with a workout. You've got to make it pretty high up on your list. And don't CANCEL ON YOURSELF!


1. Set an appointment with yourself. You're the boss. And bosses don't cancel. You wouldn't cancel a doctor appointment of it was important, don't cancel on yourself. This IS important. This is your health. Nothing is more important.

2. Get your workout in Early! Once it's done, it's done. And nothing gets in the way if it's done early. If you wait until later in the day, life will inevitably "happen" and you'll put it off.

3. Don't overstretch your schedule. Plan out 30 minutes everyday for you and your workout. If this means you need to say no to things so you don't over commit yourself, then that's what you have to do. Your workout is a priority. Don't plan something else that will take its place.

4. If you have small children who can workout with you, get them involved! They really love it, have fun with it, and look forward to it. It's great quality time and you're teaching your kids a valuable life strategy. My daughter even asked for a set of weights at 3 year old! And when I couldn't workout, she really missed it. She motivated me as well- "mommy!! We have to do our workout today!"

5. If there's a day where you cannot find the 30 minutes, find 5! Everyone has 5 minutes! Try these 5 minute workouts when you can't get the entire 30, but the trick is to do something! Everyday, something. Because the more you cancel on yourself, the more often you will find that excuse.
How about you, any strategies that help you to find the time?

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