May 16, 2016

I have no time!


Are you trapped in the constant battle between wanting to get into or stay in better shape and not having enough time to do it? I'm a firm believer in making small adjustments to see big changes! For example, meal planning and prepping saves me a huge chunk of time! The time you save by focusing on nutrition strategies can be better spent elsewhere! I’ve put together a list of 5-minute workouts that you can use to start your day right. No matter how busy you are, there’s always enough time to spend 5 minutes focusing on yourself. No one else can make time for yourself but you. So start now and make it a priority! 

5-Minute Plank Workout:

Full body intense timesaving workout. 
1 minute full plank
30 seconds elbow plank
10-12 plank up plank up downs 
10-12 reps spider plank right side
10-12 reps spider plank left side 
20 second elbow plank

5-Minute Yoga:

Relax and stretch with this short and effective 5-minute yoga session.
1 minute child pose
1 minute downward facing dog
Take that into a chatturanga and then continuously into upward dog for 30 seconds 
10-12 reps of cat/cow posture
1 minute chair position 

5-Minute Arm Workout:

Define your arms for your tank tops this summer with this 5-minute arm workout. 
1 minute tricep kickback with Dumbbells
1 minute tricep dips
1 minute shoulder press with Dumbbells 
1 minute push ups
30 second elbow plank
30 second tricep push ups 

5-Minute Booty Workout

This workout will work the booty in just 5 minutes. 
30 seconds traditional squat 
30 seconds side lunges alternating legs
30 sumo squat 
1 minute scissor kicks
1 minute bridges 
30 seconds squat with a kick back
30 seconds donkey kicks
30 seconds Bulgarian split squats 

5-Minute Cardio

Energize the day ahead with this high intensity cardio jam. 
1 minute jumping jacks
1 minute jog in place 
30 second push ups
1 minute jump squats 
30 second push ups 
1 minute jumping jacks

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