May 5, 2016

What do moms really want for Mother's Day?

What does mom really want on Mother's Day? Well, speaking for myself, a 30 something mom, here we go: 

1. Sleep. I really want to sleep in. And I don't want to hear screaming downstairs while I'm doing it. 


2. Coffee. A glorious cup of Starbucks coffee, preferably something with 9 million calories, served to me in bed.


3. A gift card for a clothing store that ONLY carries my size. Cause let's face it, if the store has kid size, I'm gonna spend it on the little rascals. 

4. Alone time to use said gift card. Not ON Mother's Day, but a dedicated date that you'll watch the kids and I'll shop with my free money. 

5. A handmade card from my kids to tell me they APPRECIATE me. I already know they love me, I'm awesome. Appreciation, that's the key. 

6. A handcut flower from the yard. I don't need a special bouquet, in fact I would rather money be spent elsewhere! Snip me a flower from outside and call it a day! 


7. A clean house. Just pick up all your stuff and put it away, where it belongs, without whining. Leave the house this way for 3 hours. Just 3 beautiful hours of cleanliness. 


8. Handprint art. Mommies love handprint art, or something equally sentimental. 

9. Any gift that shows thought. Genuine thoughtfulness. 

10. A relaxing day complete with hugs and snuggles from my sweet babies. Oh, and I'm not cooking. 



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