May 2, 2016

Treats and Rewards

TREATS and REWARDS! They still motivate us very well, like when we were kids, wouldn't you say?! But I don't want to give myself food as a treat! First off, I'm not my dog! And second, bad food as a reward is not helping me reach my goals. It is just giving me an excuse to eat poorly. And teaching my mind that treats are food so I must be otherwise deprived. A healthy diet is not a deprivation diet and we shouldn't train our minds to think that way.

Having trouble sticking to your training program? Put your money where your motivation is! Invest in a program, a real program, not a YouTube routine that you throw together. Making that investment is hard, just hard enough to get you to stick with it! 

Also, think about betting with yourself. Put a new outfit at stake for reaching your fitness goal, you reach the goal, you get the outfit. Make these goals SMALL GOALS. You want to give yourself a win! Each time you achieve a small goal, you get a reward, and it keeps you motivated until the next large goal. 

It would be super motivating to reward yourself with things that are only going to help your continue on your goal! Women are more likely to workout when they feel good about themselves. A new pair of workout leggings or a new sports bra can definitely make you feel good when pressing play on your workout DVD. A new set of perfectly stacking Tupperware can make your meal prepping so much more pleasant! Treating yourself with a Shakeology shipment is a great reward to keep you motivated as well as keep you on track with your nutrition, it's a win win! I love Shakeology, so I bargain with myself. If I do my workout that day, I get to have my chocolate shake. But, no worky, no shakey. This small reward gives me a daily WIN that I can accomplish! 

Here's a list of things you can reward yourself with that do not involve food! 

1. Buy a new book.

2. Get a manicure.

3. Buy yourself a new outfit, in a smaller size! 

4. Go see a movie.

5. A massage. Yes, please! 

6. Girl's night out.

7. A new nail polish. 

8. New workout clothes. 

9. Buy that home decor piece you've been wanting. 

10. Buy a new cookbook.

11. Buy yourself flowers.

12. Take a day off work.

13. Try a Spray Tan. 

14. Pay yourself! Give yourself a dollar for each workout you do each month. 

15. Date night! 


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