May 7, 2016


Let's talk about food! One of my favorite subjects! On a dedicated meal plan like the ones that come along with a Beachbody fitness program, you won't ever be hungry. It's more likely that you'll be telling me you have TOO much food to eat and you can't get it all in! That's because these programs teach you the RIGHT foods to eat and when to eat them! Nothing can sabotage weight loss more than hunger! Who wants to be hungry?! 

Hunger leads to overeating, and when we overeat, it's usually the wrong foods! You can't overeat broccoli!!

To control hunger:

1. Make sure your meal plan has the appropriate number of calories for your body and your goals. It is not one size fits all! I can't have a woman or man that is naturally thin but wanting to tone up eating the same calories as someone who has 50+ pounds they want to lose. I always see women eating 1200 calories (cause that's he least amount you can eat and still function well) but not every one of you is going to have a calorie target of 1200 because not every one of you is the same or has the same goals.  

2. Drink lots of water - Water is a an appetite suppressant, and a super healthy one! Always drink a full 8 ounces of water with every meal. And you should be drinking at least half your body weight in water each day. 

3. Eat 5 Meals a Day - Eating smaller, more frequent meals helps to stabilize hunger by regulating blood sugar. If you don't get that "I'm starving!!!!" sensation, then you won't feel the push to overeat and eat junk. 

4. Protein and fiber- you need these! They are essential to your body, muscles, and weight loss. They also curb hunger! Get a great nutrition supplement, like Shakeology, to ensure you're getting good protein and lots of fiber. Good protein, that's the key word here. 

5. Load Up On Free Foods - remember when I said you can't overeat broccoli!? Dark leafy greens, onions, and fibrous vegetables like broccoli are often called "free foods" because you can eat a bunch of them without adding a bunch of calories! Curbs the hunger without the guilt. 

Don't let hunger be the reason you don't meet a goal!

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