May 9, 2017

Lift some weights!

Ladies! Cardio is my fave. You know, the endless running, in my case panting while running! Instead, I like to focus my efforts on strength training and weight training, which also increases your endurance/stamina and builds muscle to burn fat! Did you know that lifting weights can actually cause those muscles to CONTINUE burning fat long after your workout is completed? And I just feel very powerful after a lifting session.

You are NOT going to bulk up! And lifting anything lighter than your purse is futile. No point. If I were you, I would grab 2 sets of dumbells, one light set and one heavy set. For your light set, please don't lift anything lighter than 5 pounds. And your heavy set can be whichever weight is going to challenge you. I started with 6s to be honest, then moved to 8s. You can do 10s, 12s, 12.5, 15! Whichever you're comfortable with!

I love these!! The flat surfaces make exercises where you rest the weight on the floor in between reps MUCH easier. 

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