April 27, 2017

Get rid of the junk

Hey all! Thursday Mini Challenge- Whos' in?!

It's time to DE-JUNK your home!

Saying goodbye to treats and guilty pleasures is probably the hardest part of the fitness process! Everyone has a secret stash of goodies tucked away in the cupboard (or closet if you're a mother). If you don't have this stash, I'm in awe of you! For me, it was always a big ol' bag of chocolate chips, and it's just sitting there, waiting for the day I lose my willpower. I recently had to stop buying it because I couldn't resist!

I'm going to make your day right now and tell you that every meal plan you'll ever see me recommend will include desserts. So you're not having to say buh-bye to everything, hold tight! I've got your back with some recommendations coming for amazing (and clean) snacks and desserts! But now is the time to de-junk your kitchen of most of it. Keep a few things that will go along with a clean eating meal plan. Get rid of anything processed and junky, like chips, bye bye cheetos.

When you’ve got goals to meet, don’t let anything get in your way. We will naturally reach for the convenient snack, and it's always the least healthy! Don’t leave something in your cupboard just waiting to de-rail you!

If your family still wants their treats and snacks, hey I've got teens, I get it, just keep their snacks separate from yours. And keep them out of eye level for you! My trick is to place them LOW in my cabinet in a non-transparent container. It's all a mind game, out of sight, out of mind!

Make a commitment to de-junk your home as part of this Squat Challenge and it will take you into July with a great start for a healthy lifestyle!

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