Become a Girl Boss

When I finally took charge of my health, changes began to happen from the inside out. I felt better in my mind, body and spirit. It really is quite amazing and I would love to share that with other women who desperately need it like I did.

In my Girl Boss Academy, I will show you how to take charge of your life, your health, your spirit, and your financial situation. In 10 weeks, we focus on making your life glorious.

Next Girl Boss Academy is starting soon, so reach out and let me save you a spot!

Life transformations start on the inside and work their way out! Forget about your weight, your muscle, you financial situation, forget about your skinny jeans, your muffin top, and the bills that are stacking up. All of that will work itself out and happen naturally when you take care of yourself. When you start loving YOU and working on your belief in yourself and taking charge of your life.
Next accountability group focuses on your mind, body and spirit!

In my next private group, I will train you for Team Fit & Fierce. We’ll work on making you the best you possible. We will focus on a wellness, life balance, training to be a coach, and making you a GIRL BOSS. You don't have to be qualified, you have to be coachable. You don't have to look like a fitness model, you have to have a passion for helping others.

I will show you how to:
Take charge of your life
Become a #girlboss in your life
Gain confidence
Believe in YOU
Give of yourself to help others

We will talk about achieving BALANCE in your life with such activities like:
Personal Development (books, passages, poems, podcasts)
Eating well
Fun activities such as date night, gardening, playing with your kids (if you have some), family fun day, unplugging!
Giving back (random act of kindness, volunteer work)
And more!

We get one life to live, why not make it SPECTACULAR?

By joining my Girl Boss Academy group, you get to work on your mind, your body, and your spirit. We'll start each day with Shakeology, for superfood nutrition, and we'll work on all the rest, including teaching you how to become a wellness coach to help others if you should choose that path for your life! Helping others really is the bread and butter of being a coach and of transforming YOUR life. No part of coaching is about "sales," there is no quota to meet. You just need to make it your mission to help others, sound cool? I will show you how to change your financial situation through coaching as well. If your bills are stacking up like mine were, you'll love this opportunity.

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