December 13, 2015

Holiday Showdown

Its you versus the holiday treat and potluck table! Who will win this showdown?

The next three weeks are just going to be crazy, amiright? How do you plan stay on track with healthy habits during the yummiest three weeks of the year? I will be the first to say, ENJOY THE SEASON! Accept the fact that you are not going to be 100%, and if you are, be honest, did you truly enjoy it? Wink, wink.

Here's my 8 best tips that ANYONE can do to stay the course.

1. Back away from the Pumpkin Spice
. Non dairy creamers introduce their holiday coffee creamer line up, and they look delicious. But remember, they are filled with CHEMICALS that will hinder your progress and probably make you feel junky at the same time. Reach for more health friendly options like Silk's Vanilla Almond creamer or an assortment of Califia farms coffee beverages. You can even stick to the basics with some almond milk, stevia and pumpkin pie spice, yes, the actual spices that you will put into a pie, just sprinkle some right in your coffee.

2. Make and Take! Bring a dish to the holiday potluck. YOU can control what you bring, so make it a healthy option and you'll know have at least one healthy option to choose from.

3. Serve yourself a small plate of treats then WALK AWAY. Do not sit at the treat table and graze. Instead, serve yourself some treats and back away, don't revisit.

4. Look for homemade foods.
Homemade treats, real butter for your dinner roll, almond milk for your coffee... REAL food, not processed food with chemicals included.

5. Eat at home. Before you go to a holiday party, serve yourself some healthy snacks so you aren't famished when you arrive.

6. Drink water! Fill up on water so you have less room for less healthy options.

7. Workout before you go! You aren't going to do it at home after the party, don't let the busy season take you away from your routine.

8. Give yourself some treat options so you won't feel deprived and end up splurging.

Happiest of Holidays to you and yours!

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