December 17, 2015

What to Eat BEFORE your morning workout?

I'm asked this question a lot. And there's a general rule of thumb, NOTHING. But there's also exceptions that I'll outline for you!

First off, the reason I say "nothing" is because you really don't want to make yourself sick if you eat too much and then challenge yourself on a tough workout. Challengers have been known to have to vomit half way through, it's not fun. But yes, there are some exceptions. If you are eating regularly, you probably have enough glycogen stored from the day before to get you through an early morning workout. Drink a big glass of water and get going! An early morning workout is NOT a workout that takes place more than an hour after you wake. Your body slows itself on burning up glycogen while you are sleeping, but resumes once you are awake. Also, if you are eating super lean because you are training, you likely DO NOT have the glycogen stored from the day before. If you are not sure, do a little experiment. Chomp down a small banana before your workout, then get moving. Did you feel better than when you don't eat, especially toward the end of your workout? Then you're using your glycogen overnight and need that little pre-workout snack, keep eating your banana daily. You can also add about 100 calories of CARBS to your evening meal the night before, that glycogen will save up for the morning workout. After workout, grab a small meal of carbs of protein, like yogurt with fruit. Or drink your Shakeology!

Another exception, cardio workouts! Cardio workouts having your booty moving, moving, moving. Personally, I don't eat before cardio because it eliminates the chance of me getting sick, or getting side cramps! Again, RIGHT when you wake up!

Here's Autumn Calabrese's SEVEN tips for pre-workout! Check it out, she's got some great stuff and you know she's one of my favorite trainers and I believe the most effective trainer out there!

If you are choosing the "nothing" option, you may feel like you don't have the energy to get through your workout. To fuel your workouts, you can add in the new ENERGIZE formula from the Performance Line Up! Energize will help you blast through your toughest workouts with a surge of energy to sharpen your focus, push harder, and last longer—because every ounce of extra energy means better results. Energize contains key ingredients scientifically shown to buffer lactic acid buildup and delay exercise-induced muscle fatigue, improve performance, and help you push with maximum intensity.

Autumn talks PERFORMANCE LINE! Check it out!

A few notes about Energize, because these are the questions that I would ask if I were you!

Why is Energize better than other energy products?

You get a safe boost of energy (without jittery side effects). Thank goodness, I hate that jittery feeling.

It's a powerful combination of ergogenic (performance-enhancing) ingredients and phytonutrients (plant-based nutrients) that are scientifically shown to help improve exercise performance, sharpen focus, and delay exercise-induced muscle fatigue.

It contains functional ingredients that have been scientifically shown to work. Other products include gimmicky ingredients with no evidence that they work.

Key ingredients are included at their clinically established effective dosage levels.

-----> No artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives <----- What are the key ingredients in Energize? Why is it better, more state of the art, than my other pre-workout formula?

Dr. Nima discusses the ingredients, efficacy, body comfort, color, and the science behind Energize and compares it to other products. Always be educated and informed on your products. It's just a few minutes, give it a watch!

This amino acid helps reduce lactic acid buildup in your muscles, which helps to delay exercise-induced muscle fatigue so you can push harder and last longer. Numerous scientific studies show that beta-alanine is especially effective at helping to improve performance during intense exercise.

Low-dose caffeine (from green tea)
Low-dose caffeine has been shown to be ergogenic, which means it helps enhance performance, improve reaction time and focus, and reduces exercise-induced muscle fatigue. From recreational exercisers to elite athletes, studies show that it can give you both a mental and physical boost.

This powerful performance-enhancing phytonutrient gets a lot of attention in leading exercise physiology-nutrition laboratories because it can help improve endurance and delay exercise-induced muscle fatigue to help you get through your workouts and give you a competitive edge.

You can order Energize by the tub here.

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