December 20, 2015

Getting Pregnant

Since getting pregnant with my second, it's been on my heart to think about those that struggle with infertility. With my first daughter, my husband and I got a little *surprise* as she was totally unexpected. You never realize how many people get pregnant while taking birth control until it happens to you! Not really "happened to me," she's a total welcomed blessing! But it was truly shocking. When my husband and I FINALLY (as all the family says) decided it was time for our second, I thought it was going to be a piece of cake! First try right?!? I mean we conceived the first without even trying, truly this must be easy when you're actually trying? Right? Wrong.

It took us 4 months to conceive our second. And trust me friends, I KNOW that this is by no means a "long time." Anything under a year is totally normal. And some of your have been trying for multiple years. But wow, each time that test read negative or I started my period, the disappointment was tangible. It was downright painful.

So to those who have been trying for so very long, my prayer for you is that God blesses you with a baby this Christmas. I can't imagine waiting longer than my brief four months. So for you superstars, you are amazing. You are strong.

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