January 1, 2016

31 Days of Fitness- Day 1

This series is 3 fold! We've got a Workout of the Day, a Fit Tip, and a Recipe coming at you for each day! You can also post questions in our private Facebook group! CLICK TO JOIN!

Day 1: Are you ready to rock?

Workout: Time for a little warm-up! We'll increase intensity as the month progresses, so be sure to do EVERY day!

10 jumping jacks, 10 crunches, 10 squats

Once you've completed the challenge, be sure to post in our Facebook group that you are done so we can cheer you on!

Fit Tip: This one comes to you from Team Beachbody!

“One of the biggest mistakes people make is to ‘save up’ for a large holiday meal,” says Rebecca Rick, M.S., RDN, a sports dietitian at eNRG Performance in Littleton, Colorado. The strategy usually backfires because you will likely over-compensate for the calories you didn’t consume earlier in the day. A large holiday meal can contain enough calories for THREE days! So saving up a thousand calories throughout the day will leave you starving throughout the day, feeling sluggish, and then end up with a picture of you grazing the dessert table and gorging yourself on prime rib, consuming more than your 800 calorie "allotment" you may have "saved up."

A better plan: “Eat normally, then have a small meal before you meet up with everyone,” says Brad Schoenfeld, PhD, author of Look Great Naked. In a Spanish research study, it was found that people who ate a small snack before dinner but after lunch were 36% less likely to be obese than those who didn't.

Which type of small meals are best? I prefer something with greens and protein. Greens because you may not find that at your big holiday dinner, and protein because it will be filling and give you energy. You'll have a small snack that has the nutrients, fiber, and protein to curb your hunger, says Schoenfeld. Try a super simple spinach and chicken salad, or my favorite Strawberry salad using 1 cup of mixed greens and 1/2 cup of grilled chicken. Another easy peasy option is this avocado toast with tomatoes snack!

I hope you enjoyed the warm up workout, fit tip for that holiday party this evening, and snack recipes to Eat Before You Go Out!


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