January 12, 2016

31 Days of Fitness- Day 12

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Workout: REST DAY! This is a PLANNED Rest Day, which is different from just skipping a workout. Muscles need time to recover, in fact, any time you feel like you need to recover, it's good to take a break from your regular challenging workout and recover. You can take the day completely off to do a detox day...Take some time to yourself (haha, moms), turn off electronics, and turn off screens, even if just for your regular 30 minutes that you would normally be working out. You can also take an "active recovery day" and complete a workout that is less strenuous than usual. You can try yoga, pilates, Piyo, Tai Cheng, and take a brisk walk. Your body needs rest and recover in order to heal and to move forward with your progress.

Please comment in the group with your recovery tasks from today!

Fit Tip:

For the ladies...

When you take charge of your health, it's not just on the inside. Take charge on the inside too! Be a GIRL BOSS and be healthy from the inside out!


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