January 30, 2016

31 Days of Fitness- Day 30

Working the abs today with Tony Horton and 10 minute trainer!

If you loved this, Tony has an entire series of 10 minute workouts (not just abs) and it's available for a super low monthly fee (less than $15) through the On Demand workout subscription! And you'll have access to $1500 in other workouts! Eeek! Message me for details and I'll hook you up. EVERYONE has ten minutes.

Fit Tip:

Team Beachbody tells us that Isometric exercises (like the plank) are the most effective way to train your core, according to a recent study by scientists at the University of Waterloo. Why? Because not only does holding a rigid position extend your muscle’s time under tension (a key growth trigger) but it also reinforces your core’s primary job: Stabilizing your spine.

Plank: Assume a push-up position, but with your elbows bent and your weight on your forearms. Hold for as long as you can with your abs braced, your glutes clenched, and your body straight and rigid from head to heels. Hold for 30 to 90 seconds. Rest for one minute, then repeat.


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