January 6, 2016

31 Days of Fitness- Day 6

It's Day 6, you guys are doing awesome! You can recap on days 1-5 here, if you missed any, it's bonus time! Add in any missed workouts with today's workout.

Day 6: I've got two workouts for you today, you can choose between the two! Comment in our group with which one you completed!


Most of the women that I work with are moms, like me. People tend to gravitate to others that are like themselves when looking for workout partners, accountability partners, coaches and friends. This one is for the mommies!

Workout Option 1:
Playground Workout. Take your kids to the park and squeeze in this short circuit while they are playing!

Workout Option 2:
Act like a toddler! For 30 minutes, hang out with your kiddo and act just like them! Wow, that's a good workout burn!

Fit Tip:

I did lead into this one a bit with the recap above. While I totally believe in resting when your body needs it, and I rest 1-2 days a week, try your best NOT to SKIP a day that you had originally planned to workout. Are you the type that makes excuses for yourself? No shaming here because that's totally me!

But did you know, Team Beachbody tells us skipping just one workout can initiate a downward spiral, increasing your odds of skipping another one by 61 percent, according to British researchers. The solution: Think smaller. Instead of trying to carve out time for one long workout, do two or three short ones. “In so doing, you’ll boost motivation, eliminate ‘too busy’ as an excuse, and accelerate both muscle building and fat loss,” says Chad Waterbury M.S., a Los Angeles-based exercise physiologist. Click here for mini-workouts you can do anywhere.


Let's talk side dishes. You can bake a perfect chicken breast, but adding a not-so-lean side dish will just ruin the whole idea! Instead, make a hearty, GREEN, side dish that will satisfy your hunger and your tastebuds.

A side side for your already perfected chicken: Roasted Green Beans

An entire meal: Chicken, Roasted Broccoli, Mashed Potatoes

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