January 8, 2016

31 Days of Fitness- Day 8

It's Day 8! If you are just catching us now, you can still join in! Check out my Blog Page for the recent workouts and be sure to click to join into our Facebook group!

Day 8:

Okay so we did a playground workout for the mommies, now how about an ab workout for those who are at work today! And Happy Friday!

Today's workout: 10 minutes of DEDICATED ab work!

--Office Ab Workout http://youtu.be/54RnYX7Rk14

Comment in the group when you are done with today's workout! If you are not at work, or don't have a set up at home to do this workout, you can do the ab workout on your 21 Day Fix DVD or an ab workout from another program you may have.

Fit Tip:

I know many will be hitting the grocery store this weekend. My tip is, do not go on an empty stomach! You will not only spend more money, you will reach for the unhealthy snacks.

Team Beachbody outlines a study from Cornell University scientists have added a new twist to the classic advice "Don't shop on an empty stomach." Their advice is to eat a piece of fruit before you hit the supermarket. In their study, people who ate an apple before they shopped bought 28 percent more produce than those who had a cookie. They also bought fewer unhealthy items overall. The reason: After eating a healthy snack, your subconscious continues to steer you in the same direction, say the researchers.


I don't know about you, but on the weekend, I start to crave some unhealthy foods! Today I've got a clean eating version of nachos for you! You can use a whole grain chip, or you can use sliced sweet potatoes!

Enjoy! XOXO

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