November 7, 2016

New Workout

You may not have a fancy gym in your house, or the space to really spread out, you may not have equipment, and you may not have TIME! But neither do I! The best thing is, YOU DON'T NEED ANY OF THE ABOVE!

I did my workout this afternoon while my daughter was home, my baby was napping, in between work from home, being a stay at home mom, and I did it from the bedroom that my two children share! Under 30 minutes, total body workout!

I'm so super uncoordinated, and this was Day 1 of this program for me. So if I look confused, it's cause I am! But I'll get better every time I press play! The important thing is, I DID IT. And it was FUN 👌🏻

Preview some moves from the MMA style workout that I'm doing 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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