November 8, 2016

Tip for Tuesday!

Tip for Tuesday!

I'm trying something new today... typically I get up and shower in the morning and get ready before we head off to school. Today, got up, put on gym clothes, laced up my shoes, hair in a bun and shades on! Dropped off Bella as a hot mess! My effort is to be ready for my workout the minute Nixon goes to sleep, instead of ready for the day and then I put the workout off because I'm dressed, showered, hair done and makeup on.
This goes against the grain for me. I don't ever leave the house not being "ready." I believe my mama is responsible! Back in the day, it was popular to wear sweats to school. Oh no way, not in my house. Mama says no pajamas to school, get up and get ready! She's relaxed a bit, I see my little sis in some sweats now and again.

And yes, we always need some cute meme on the workout apparel!

And in case you didn't know...

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