December 9, 2016

Flashback Friday

6 months ago... 4 months ago... 1 week ago... now!

Yes, it's difficult to find the time, and the motivation. Yes, it's difficult to skip the comfort food and opt for a smarter choice, yep, working out on zero sleep sucks. But sitting around and WISHING things were different would be so much worse.

If you really crunch the numbers though, I workout about 2-3 hours a week. That's a drop in the bucket! I eat clean 80% of the time, that's totally doable!
I'm just so grateful to have the opportunity to focus on me as my JOB! And fortunate that I have tools that deliver these kind of results in such a short time. And so thankful for the support I get through challenge groups!

See what YOU can do with your body if you have the right tools and support.

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