December 8, 2016


What the what?!?! I was not expecting this! ONE WEEK ON CORE DE FORCE! One week. I'm using the core de force workout program, no equipment. I'm using the meal guide with the portion control containers, which I've modified for nursing. And I'm drinking Shakeology.

I almost let this program pass me by, I wasn't into it at all at first glance. I always look forward to the program released in the fall, but when I saw this one, I was bummed. Bumming hard! I wished that a different program, more my style, would be released. Thank the Lord I did the sneak peek!!!

Gosh I so wish I could share this with everyone I know who has a goal. I truly believe this program can work for ANY GOAL. I'll give you every tool you need plus all the support in the world!

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