April 13, 2016

Brick by Brick

Whether you want to agree or not, our country is based on instant gratification. Gosh, my mom used to use this term on me ALL THE TIME. Drove me crazy, but it's true, and I knew it even as a teen. In America, we want the FASTEST, CHEAPEST, EASIEST route possible to achieve our goals -- but that mindset is a TRAP. There is no easy way out!!! For ANYTHING.

I've been using this mantra in my personal fitness journey and my business: TODAY I will do what others won't, so that tomorrow I can live as others can't.

Build your life brick by brick. Did you catch that? Brick. By. Brick. Don't look for an easy fix, there isn't one. Just think about marriage and raising kids, two of the HARDEST things EVER, and yet the most rewarding and the most WORTH IT! Think of your fitness journey and your life like a marriage. There is no SECRET to success beyond pure discipline, commitment, passion, and consistency. Once you build your life and your personal fitness from the ground up, brick by brick, just think of how fulfilling and accomplished you will be at the finish line!!!

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