April 1, 2016

Failure IS a word in my vocabulary

The word "fail" really freaks people out. Instead they'll say "don't succeed" to be politically correct and less harsh. Failure has always been a struggle of mine because I am a major perfectionist. Major. Perfectionist. But I have to say, since I've added the word back into my vocabulary, I've learned a few things! First, EVERYONE fails. It's true, everyone fails at something. No one is perfect at everything. You're going to do great at some task that someone else is going to attempt and fall flat on their face doing. And vise versa. I joke that my husband is great at everything he does! It's maddening! But there are failures and challenges that he faces as well.

And the second thing I've learned is this... Failure is NOT a bad thing. Failure means you're trying. You're stepping outside your comfort zone and trying something that you aren't perfect at! Failure means there's room for progress, and progress means you have achievements to reach for! Congratulations, you won't be stagnant! Go You! Progress is IMPERFECT. There are going to be failures along the way. I'm reminded of a quote from one of my favorite Proverbs 31 ministry gals...

So FAIL, FAIL MISERABLY! Then tighten up that ponytail (a nod to all the powerful woman reading this) and jump back in! That's where you're going to see your biggest achievements, stemming from your biggest failures.

To all the perfectionists out there, I'm with you. I know how difficult it is! If you're a perfectionist and you want to chat about this, send me an email (jalenecabralesfitness@gmail.com) or message me on Facebook!

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