October 17, 2016

Cheating your meal plan

Let's be real for a second here. Cheat meals are great and can actually help you to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle. But, if there's too many, those cheat meals add up in a big way. We have to be honest with ourselves about how many cheat meals we have... and when the cheat meals become more common than the healthy meals, uh oh, that's not the way it's supposed to work!

If you're feeling like this just happened, and you pulled out those jeans with a not so fun surprise, let's get cracking on a nutrition plan that WORKS for your lifestyle! Nothing restrictive, I want you to be able to stick with it and love it!

I'm here to help with what work has worked for me for 3 years. And I would love to spend some virtual time with you Halloween through Thanksgiving in my FIT AND THANKFUL group. In a month where people traditionally pack on pounds, let's shed some, while still enjoying life! Cause food is my buddy, I love it too much to make it boring.

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