October 18, 2016

Other People's Success

In regards to business you might hear "why her and not me?" or how about "well, she must have cheated her way to the top." In regards to fitness "oh, you must have edited that photo" or "it's just the camera angle" or "must be nice." People either don't realize the amount of HARD WORK that goes into success, or they just want to discount anything someone else does, no credit is given where credit is due!

I feel like there's always so much comparison "out there" in the world, and especially on social media. It seems that some can't be happy for others who are succeeding. And I've always said, Comparison is the Thief of Joy! Try to resist comparing your journey through life to someone else's, we just never know what they've got going on in the life that you don't see on social media.

When you find the right TRIBE (your people) you'll find that some people don't want to compete with you at life! This tribe of people have a love for others, so much so that they love to see other people succeeding, winning at life! Those are the people you need to surround yourself with! Your cheerleading squad, the ones that will always lift you up and be happy in your success. And push you in a GOOD way to be the best person you can be. Sometimes guys, we gotta let the negative go and just pour ourselves into those people who want us to be happy and healthy! Life is too short to compete with others, be genuinely happy when you see success in someone else! And always try to be your personal best, which isn't going to to be the same as anyone else's, cause you are so uniquely YOU, and you rock!!!

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