October 1, 2016


Today is STATurday in my fitness groups! Here's my pic for today.

Goals for October:

Increase workouts to more challenge
Use weights
Build muscle tone
Lose 5 pounds

I've been doing Country Heat and Yoga. I'm 5 months post partum next week. Nursing, so I have to be really careful with nutrition. Still have a pregnancy pooch going on, which is all about the clean nutrition and workouts. I cannot do any ab work yet (c section) and again I'm being super careful with nutrition, can't go too lean. My son's milk is most important.

I haven't added weights yet. To be honest, I'm terrified. I have some pain still, not bad, but uncomfortable and I don't want to hurt myself. I've also had some back pain from my spinal, so trying not to aggravate it. But it's time to build some strength back and I'm hoping that will help my back to be stronger and mid section to be leaner. I lost so much muscle tone with 4 months of bedrest and then c section recovery.

Hoping to see some great results this month! What are your goals?

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