October 4, 2016


Hey moms! This group is super close to my heart because it's something I really struggle with. You see, all my life I wanted to be a stay at home mom. Obviously I did not know the difficulty of it, only the rewards! Now, I can still see the rewards, but the difficulty and struggles creep up on me daily. I have to be reminded to choose joy, which I NEVER thought I would need, I mean, aren't moms just joyful about their "jobs" every moment of every day because we are so uber- blessed?? And we NEVER have weak moments where choosing joy is hard? And we always act as if we have the best job in the entire world?? Not really, we get stuck in the trenches of daily battles and it happens to ALL of us, so there's no need to feel shameful.


1. ACCOUNTABILITY! Oh man, this is a biggie. If no one sees what's going on in your Momlife on a daily basis, who is holding you accountable to be joyful? Imagine this, you're at church. You're little darling is acting up. You are SO careful about the way you handle the situation because there are people watching!!! Your kid is LUCKY that you aren't home! You still discipline, of course, but in a more mindful way. You've had that experience and so have I. We act differently at home. Not because we are fake, but because we can give into the struggle when no one sees it. Sometimes we just lose it! So, being in a group like this holds us accountable to be joyful in our homes. We'll check in daily and be reminded to choose joy amidst the chaos. Of course our children will still get "the eye" and discipline, being joyful isn't about not disciplining, it's about loving on our kids the way God intended. And we'll dig into that in the first week!

2. NEW PERSPECTIVE AND IDEAS. You and the other moms in this group are good moms, you've already proved it by seeking to be in the group. No more proof is necessary. We can share ideas with other moms here, because when we are left alone with our ideas for too long, they become stale.

3. SUPPORT. Hallelujah. Being a mom can be an isolating lifestyle, whether you're a stay at home, work at home, or working mom. It's lonely. And sometimes you may feel like no one "gets" you. Just hearing that other people share the same struggles can be really reassuring. This group will have a zero tolerance policy on judgement. You already know judgement is for Jesus, not for us. You aren't here because you'll never again have a struggle or a moment where you completely lose it. You're here because you want to challenge yourself to be more fulfilled as a mommy! Plus, while it's helpful to receive support, it's also a powerful source of happiness to provide support to others.
Also, not everyone has the means to attend a mom's group at a church. My vision for this group is to make it sort of a virtual mom study.

4. FUN! It's fun to belong to a group, meet new people, try something new! It's especially enjoyable when you're talking about a topic that is so important and intimate as being a joyful parent.


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