October 31, 2016

Halloween Fit Tips

Fit Tips for Halloweeen

Oooooh! It's that time again! Candy as far as the eye can see! Here's my top 3 tips for a fun and fit Halloween!

1. Eat! Make sure you have a balanced meal plan all the way through dinner, plenty of protein to keep you full. This way, you'll not crave a ton of candy because you're already satisfied, or just full so you can only pack in a few!

2. Bring a water bottle trick or treating! Water also keeps your tummy full, but we want full hands too. So, water in on hand, kiddo in the other, no hands for candy!

3. Plan ahead for how much candy you're going to have! I'm not saying have no candy, sheesh, have you met me? If you haven't, I have the biggest sweet tooth ever! But here's my strategy, I'll tell myself how much candy is allowable for me. And then I have a plan I can stick to. I'm not going to just eat right out of the candy bucket, I'm going to set a few pieces aside and that's my candy for the evening.

Bust out this workout before you head out this evening!

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