October 12, 2016

God can refresh your soul


People like to say that the only two constants in this life are death and taxes. I beg to differ, God is a constant. The things that God has given us, constant. The sun rises every single day, for example, because He said "let there be light." If we think about that for a second, every single day, we count on the sun coming up, there's never a day that it just fails to rise. It's a sure thing! We can take it for granted though, most definitely.  

In Hosea 6:3, God says that as SURELY as the sun will rise, He will appear. And he will come to us like rain to the Earth. Whoa. So we can count on Him coming to us when we call, without fail, because it's as sure as the sun will rise! Jeremiah 33:3 "Call to Me and I will answer you..." God will listen to your every prayer. Call upon him, and He'll be there as surely as the sun rises. And what will He provide? Rain. Spring rain. The kind that completely rejuvenates and refreshes the air, the soil, all living things. It cleans, brightens, and restores. 

If you're feeling completely despaired, call on Him. He'll refresh your soul like rain refreshes the Earth. It's a constant. It's a sure thing. God does not ever withhold himself. 

If you haven't yet, take a minute to read this blog entry. http://foreverymom.com/mom-gold/exhausted-overwhelmed-depressed-mom/

I just think it's so awesome. And if we dig deeper into Elijah's story (1 Kings 17-19) we learn that Elijah called upon God. But not to refresh him, he asked to die. Elijah was so tired, scared, he was an old guy, on the run from Jezebel, the last of the Lord's prophets, she had all the others killed. He was just done. God came to him, but he didn't give him what he asked. You see, God has his own plan for us. He knows what you truly need. For Elijah, it wasn't death, it was sleep, food, a friend, and moment to refocus, to remember how special he was. God came to him in a still small voice, and Elijah could hear it. Elijah (with Elisha) went on! He came from wanting to DIE, to feeling rejuvenated and moving forward. 

    How can we apply this to our Momlife? Is there a time you can remember when you felt totally NOT cut out for this position of mommy? Take a second to answer in the thread below. For me, numerous times. I think often, moms feel like failures. We have such high expectations when that baby is kicking inside us, but then, it's hard! Your infant doesn't sleep, maybe has colic, fussy baby, there are joyful moments, and there are tough moments. And that trend continues for-ev-er. And in those tough moments, we feel like failures. We want what's best for our babies, and we don't think we're it! These moments of complete feeling of failure happen to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US GOOD MAMAS! We feel like a failure BECAUSE we want all good things for our kids. By very definition, that's a good mom. 


HOW TO CHOOSE JOY: Next time we are feeling this way? What can we do? I challenge you to STOP, DROP, and PRAY. Call out to Him. He's the everlasting spring that can quench your thirst. He will clean, brighten, and restore you like spring rain, He will not withhold Himself, His ability, to the child that calls upon him.

CALL TO ACTION: Today/tonight, I challenge you to call on Him. You can say ANY prayer, He will listen. If it's been a while since you prayed, don't hold back. Say something to Him.

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