October 24, 2016


It's Monday! Anyone else have RBF??

I figured it out guys...

Walk around with a smile on your face, you may just be a ray of sunshine for someone. And if nothing else, your smile will cheer YOU up!

My gratitude journal group concludes today and our focus of study was how to train yourself to be more grateful by a shift in mindset. I think my biggest "take away" from this mini gratitude study is that LIFE IS ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR MINDSET. So we can be mad, or we can be happy, and the CHOICE is ours. And it IS a choice. Your choice. Because guess what, no one has a perfect life. You take your circumstances and you roll with it. You don't let those circumstances rule your happiness. YOU rule your happiness. And happiness comes from realizing the things you have going for you and being grateful for them. Happiness does not come from focusing on the have-nots or the rotten circumstance you might be enduring chronically or just in this day.

I encouraged my group to write in the gratitude journal at minimum a few times a week so as to make the "attitude of gratitude" a permanent mindset. It's not natural, it's going to take daily work, like showering! For best results, shower often!!

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