September 14, 2016

A day in the life!

Some days, I've really got my sh*t together. I feel like superwoman on those day!
1. Running errands
2. Nixon's dr appt
This took me from 8-11 and then I picked Bella up from school.
3. Play date for Bella at my house
4. Nixon is sleeping! Hallelujah
5. Prepped dinner
6. Dessert is in the CROCK POT! <-- remember how much I love crock pots!! I'll post the dessert in my clean eating crock pot group that starts next Wednesday, lemme know if you want to join! 7. Cleaned the house 8. Sent out the first batch of invitations to my FREE YOGA group! <--- you can join that one too! 9. It's only 2:20 10. Did I mention I've been up since 4am? 11. Time to go Namaste with my Yoga workout! Clearly tomorrow will be a hot mess!!! Isn't that how it goes!? Fortunately, I work when I want, how I want, where I want! PS- how cute is my son?!

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