September 21, 2016

Workout partner



I have been failing miserably at working out. The queen of "how to find the time" couldn't find the time. Or the motivation. I think some people think I love working out. I don't. Gasp! I really don't love it. I love the way it makes me feel. I love the way it makes me look. I love the health benefits. I never regret a workout. But I don't jump outta bed ready to pump iron. I regret not working out. And that regret has been taking a toll. 

So my game plan was, workout in the morning when Nixon takes his nap and Isabella's at school. Fail! I wasn't doing it. I was barely getting in 3 workouts a week. And that was even because Health Bet required it. I was trying to stay accountable, cause whatever I ask of my challengers, I better be doing too!!! But I was failing. No sleep & bigger priorities were taking up my time. Clean house anyone?!  But geez, if I don't make my health a priority, who the heck will?

Then, I realized, I was missing my accountability partner. Isabella!!! This girl LOVES working out with me. She'll often ask me to workout, and lately she's been telling me she misses working out with me. 

Lightbulb! It's been a little difficult for her and I to get quality time lately. Don't get me wrong, she's a priority, and I've been working on making her even more of a priority than I had been. But I've got an infant who needs me all the time. Then she needs me too, but in a different way. 

Can we say MOM GUILT any louder? 

So yea, my workout partner is a 5 year old. She's probably better at accountability than I am! And we are going to try to make this an after school thing everyday! My ME time just turned into US time. And I think this could be the best idea ever. 

Try it with your kids. Don't feel like you're taking time away from them to get to your workout, involve them. Maybe they'll love it as much as my little partner does. 

How do you guys spread yourselves between your kids? Isabella's been the only one for years, from 8-3, it's just her and I. Quality time. And now we don't have that. It's messing us both up!

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