September 9, 2016


Man oh man is God working overtime this week. The Man is on fiya!!! Isn't He always though? We just have to listen. Seek Him out. He's there.

Worry. Ugh. That's me, big worrier. I worry about things that are YEARS away (like going back to work when Nixon is 5!) I simply REFUSE to go back to work, guys. It's not gonna happen. So what is gonna happen? I'm going to have to stop worrying and being scared, and live bold, live in a way that will create dreams and turn them to reality, that will stifle FEAR, that will fulfill my purpose. There is no PLAN B! I'm in it to win it. I'm worth those dreams. I won't be going through the motions of life. I will LIVE BOLD. Not I will, I AM living bold, from now on peeps.

Purpose, that's a deep word isn't it? Been thinking a lot on purpose, in my ripe old age of 32, and realizing that we only live ONCE. It needs to be great. One day, I'll be in Heaven with the King of Kings, but until then I need to make the most out of this life. Stop worry about CRAP. And start living the way God has planned for me. I mean there's really two options, be rich because you took a chance or be broke because you were skeptical. Rich in life experience, rich in love, rich in travel, rich in freedom!

Saw a quote: "So little of what could happen, does happen." Do you get it? If you do, you're a worrier like me. And we just need to tone it down a notch, am I right?!

In Luke chapter 8, Jesus compares worry to a thorn. It suffocates the plant from reaching maturity. Worry & fear, very similar, right? Fear can cripple us if we let it. You can't see it, but it will take you DOWN.

However, it also works the same with faith, you can't see it, but it will build you UP. Fear and faith, both Involve you believing in something that you cannot see.

There's only one question, which direction do you want to go, down or up?

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