September 12, 2016


September is Yoga month! Truth, I am not really into yoga. I have trouble slowing down enough to actually enjoy it. But that probably means I NEED to slow down a bit. Do you ever find that the things you don't do are precisely the things you should do? I've been focusing on some self reflection over the past month, and yoga may be just the thing I need! Slow down, decompress, refresh... And just... Be.

Plus, when my company offers me a 3 Week Yoga Retreat program for FREE, and I tells me I can also give it to my friends for FREE, I best be taking advantage of it!

If you want to try this 3 week online program with me, please send me an email at (Subject line: FREE YOGA!) so I can hook you up with the free program. We will also use an app for your phone to log in workouts, stay accountable, and chat for motivation through the program! The app is also free!

Then, I'll email you the details and link to get your free program and app, and we'll get going!

Legal stuff: cannot be working with another coach. Free program is part of a one time 30 day free trial.

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