September 13, 2016

Living the Dream

Living the dream, and feeling worthy enough to have dreams!

You might not get it, and that's okay, neither did I. I didn't get it, that people actually get their life's desires by helping other people. That people actually have a fire and passion for helping others get happy.

That people actually live for this.

But it's true. Coaches are not salespeople. We don't sell products. We don't work for Beachbody. We don't work for Shakeology. We actually get our kicks from seeing our friends, family, complete strangers feel better from the inside out. We work for our own passion, and you can hardly even call it work when you love what you do and when you reach goals by doing the things that make you a better person.
There are good people in this world. They are called coaches. So while it may be totally silly or even annoying that I post my selfies, my recipes, my Bible verses, my inspiration for my own life, that's okay. I thought it was silly too. I thought it was annoying. I thought it was quite presumptuous as a matter of fact, that this coach person thinks they can come into my life with a DVD and a drink and be all "I can help you make your life magical." Pffft, weird right?

But now I realize, that's just what we do! And if you haven't tried it out, you just don't get it. It's like this healthy and happy person club, until you're in it, you don't know the secret handshake!
If I've inspired just one person to become healthy, to have fun with it, to live longer for their children, I win. This is more than a job. It's a purpose, a calling. It's making dreams into reality. And I get to do it from home, with my children in tow, on my own time. For real?!?! YES. It is real. I'm living it. Lucky lady, but luck has nothing to do with it. I believed in myself enough to take a chance.
So what happened when I took the chance? Well, I became one of these coach people... I learned the secret handshake... These people, they live to help you live better. To help you feel better. To help you look better. And then, something happens... When you're the coach, YOU live better. You stop going through the motions, thinking that you can't have dreams and goals, you stop telling yourself that you'll be working a 9-5 for someone else your whole life, that you'll leave your kids with a stranger, that said stranger will raise them, that you won't be there for bedtime stories, kisses on scraped knees, morning snuggles and UNSCHEDULED time, that you won't ever make it to Hawaii, that you won't ever retire, or retire your husband. You'll be be working your whole lives and never really spend time together.

You just stop telling yourself that, because it's not true. Life isn't about going through the motions until you keel over and go be with Jesus. As amazing as Heaven will be, you aren't there yet! You were put on this Earth to do more than go through the motions. You like to be healthy and to eat and live well, and you also have a gift of sharing health with others, how joyous do you think the King is that you've taken the gifts He's handed you and actually used them?!? ANYONE has this gift. THAT is what being a coach is. Feeling worthy enough to have dreams, working for them, helping people.

I'm in the best place I've ever been in my life. And it's so darn simple. I never knew before I tried it. How infectious it is to help people. How awesome it makes ME feel. That's living the dream. That's coaching.

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