September 26, 2016

Superwoman Status

Sometimes, I'm reminded that even though I think I'm a hot mess, my family really thinks I'm superwoman. Now, I could let this annoy me, their unrealistic expectations of my abilities, or I could take it as a compliment.

The scenario: its Sunday morning, 6:45. I've slept in... yes, 6:45 on a Sunday is sleeping in. Take a moment to let the gravity of that really sink in... and remember that I'm not a morning person!

So, I get up, hubby is sleeping in a bit longer. I make my daughter breakfast, nurse my son, make some coffee (thank God that He gave someone the knowledge to create this Heavenly Elixir) and start making a breakfast casserole for after church. You see, my husband, Ben, enjoys really tasty breakfast on the weekends.

Then, I head upstairs to shower and get ready, baby in tow! I get Isabella ready, bathe Nixon and get him ready and I'm trying to get myself ready too. Nixon decides, as he usually does, that he would like to be held. So as I'm holding him, attempting to do my makeup, realizing that we have ten minutes until we need to get our butts in the car so I will be sporting my "wet hair" look, my husband asks if I can iron his shirt. I mean really? So many choice responses going through my head. And of course each one is sarcastic. I'm holding my son, doing my makeup, can I iron your shirt too? No, I cannot. I only have two hands. I did tell him I cannot, I am a woman who knows her limits, afterall!

And that's when I realized it. My family thinks I'm flipping amazing! What Mom can do all that?! Apparently, me!!!

I do so love that my family relies on me to care for them. And that they think I have magical superpowers. I wonder what super powers I'll be displaying this week?

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