September 17, 2016

Marriage and Breakfast

I bet you didn't realize the two went together? In my house, they do. You see, my handsome husband is one of those *morning people* and how we ended up married, well I guess opposites attract. I couldn't be further from a morning person! You know what morning people like? Breakfast. And you know when? Early. Cause they've already been up for hours come 9am. 


Another one? Okay, why not, then back to my story! 


So, since my little guy takes after his daddy, he wakes up at 4:30... every flipping morning. He's not quite awake though, he's just stirring around. But I cannot sleep because he needs to be upright and patted on the back to remain asleep. So I decided, instead of trying to sleep sitting up and while patting, whatever, I'm just going to get up and get some work done. I'm not sure how long I can keep it up, since little dude is also waking 4-5 times in the 6 hours he's been asleep, but we'll see how long I can function on this kind of sleep pattern. 

So anyhow, talk about a "power hour!" Today, I got fed up with the incessant patting and stirring and at 5:30 I just went downstairs. I'm working my biz in peace and quiet until the hubster and daughter wake just after 7. Felt pretty good to get my work done early, shhh, do not tell a soul that I said that. I'm afraid I might be labeled a morning person! When my family woke up, I didn't have anything to do but serve them. Got my baby girl some chocolate almond milk, her morning *special drink* as she calls it (as coffee is mine!) and started making my husband some coffee. 


He comes downstairs and is AMAZED. I got up before him, (he's says that's NEVER happened in our 8 years together) I'm making coffee for him, and I've got breakfast in the works. He's all huggie and sweet to me, you see, he's an Acts of Service guy. I just made him feel totally loved.  And while I had blender muffins on the agenda for breakfast, I know my guy, he wants a hearty meal. Would it kill me to throw together a little veggie scramble to go with it? Nope, it wouldn't. 


And for the first time in, forever, (Frozen fans, you know you just sang that) I was invited to go on a morning walk with him, our kids, and our pup. And me, I'm a Quality Time gal. So the offer made my heart soar. Did I go? Actually, I totally failed and declined so I could get a shower. Cause moms, you know if there's a chance for a kid free shower, that's like being at a spa. But I appreciated the offer, and I kicked myself a little, next time, I'll go. 

Acts of service and quality time are two of the 5 Love Languages. If you and your spouse haven't looked into it, you totally should. Basically, we each have a language that we speak in terms of love. For example, hubby is acts of service, he feels love when being served, or being taken care of. He also shows love this way. You show love in the way you receive love. So for him, making me breakfast and changing the oil in my car, these are lovey things. But guess what, I'm quality time. So I feel love (and show love) through quality time. The reason to figure out your spouse's language, is so that you "speak" to your spouse and show him love using the right language. It doesn't come naturally to me to use acts of service to show love, it comes natural for me to use quality time, but that's not how he feels love, get it? If you want to take the quiz, there's a free version here! I would love to hear how you and your spouse stack up!  

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