September 14, 2016

Grand prize group!


I've been legit biting my nails anxious to share this FREAKING AWESOME group that's beginning October 3rd.

Country Heat is *the* HOTTEST program available! And you can win it buddy! 


Enroll in my upcoming 21 day challenge and here's what is in store for you: 

👉🏻 Meal planning help
👉🏻Clean eating
👉🏻Online access to a resources tailored to YOUR SUCCESS
👉🏻Daily encouragement 
👉🏻Daily check ins for motivation & accountability 
👉🏻Freedom to workout at home on your schedule 
👉🏻 Superfoods supplement 
👉🏻Workout DVDs
👉🏻Freedom to choose from several plans to meet your individual needs 
👉🏻Free mobile app to stay on track
👉🏻Individualized help

Annnnnnd... As if that wasn't enough, a grand prize at the end for one top participant! (Hard work and participation PAYS OFF!)


⏩ How do you sign up? Well first, let me make note that this group is limited to TEN and ONLY TEN participants. So the first come first served! 

You WILL succeed! Prep Week starts Monday, September 26th, challenge starts Monday, October 3rd. Message me now so you don't miss out on securing your spot! 💌 and together we'll find the plan that best suits your lifestyle and your goal.

*Legal Stuff: Cannot be working with another coach or be a coach. New to you program is required. 

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