September 11, 2016


You don't FIND a happy life, you MAKE it.

Reflecting over the personal development I've been doing over the last week, here's my take on myself...

I'm not an optimist. Sometimes I really wish I was! Wouldn't my life be so much more perfect if I just found the good in everything and had a positive outlook? Well, I'm a realist. But that's okay, really it is. I've gotta love myself for how I am, realist and all! So how do realists approach life, dreams, goals? Instead of "finding" the good by happy accident or kismet, I've gotta MAKE the good. Because the only thing I can control, is me. <-- ouch, that's a hard one for me. Control freak here.

Here's how I see it... A house isn't a home when first purchased, it's a shell. You make it the a home by filling it with the things you love. Such is life, make it yours, make it happy, make it fulfilling by filling it with things you love. Not happy? Change that! Take out the things that don't mesh with your goal, add the things that do.

Your life doesn't get better by chance, it gets better by change (Jim Rohn)

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