May 7, 2015

21 Day Fix Myths

Maybe you've seen the 21 Day Fix containers, or maybe you've just heard about them and thought one of these things...

1. HOLY COW! That seems like A LOT of work!
2. UM!?!? Those containers are tiny, I'll starve!
3. I can't eat anything good, what if I don't like the food?!

I'm here to tell you, you're so mistaken! I love you, but so mistaken! Please don't let fear keep you from doing this program. The tagline for 21 Day Fix is SIMPLE FITNESS, SIMPLE EATING, FAST RESULTS. And it's every bit true.

#1- It's really not a lot of work. You know what is a lot of work? Counting calories. Counting calories is a ton of work, logging in every meal, researching each ingredient to find the calorie content, using some phone software to keep track every deal, every meal, every snack, every single time you take a bite of something. Sheesh, I'm exhausted just talking about it. And you know what, counting calories isn't even effective! 80% of people UNDER-REPORT! So you're eating too much anyways guys. Plus, calories are different. Calories from fat, calories from carbs, calories from proteins, did you know that there is a proper RATIO of calories that you should be getting from each of these macronutrients every single day. Yep, ratio, math term, no thanks. With 21 Day Fix, the guess work is gone! Rest your brain. No counting calories! No under-reporting, no macronutrient calculations, SIMPLE EATING. You use your handy- dandy color coded containers to measure your food each day, you have a tally of how many containers you eat each day, and you tally off as you go. Instead of counting thousands of calories and researching the calorie content of each thing that goes into your mouth, you tally off a dozen or so containers and the calorie content of each is built in to the program, so you don't have to give it a second thought.

Is the food difficult to make? Nope. Your 21 Day Fix nutrition can be as simple as a shake for breakfast, a piece of fruit for snack, a turkey wrap for lunch, another piece of fruit, and a dinner of YOUR choosing. Your regular dinners likely work, as long as you are using clean ingredients! And if you want to have grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and a salad for dinner, instead of some intricate recipe, more power to you, this program will be even easier for you!

Here's a sample of my meal plan. Each meal that is underlined can be found here with the complete recipe!

#2- The containers may look small, but did you know that this program teaches you proper portion control? You can take what you've learned and make it a lifestyle. These portion sizes are what you SHOULD be eating! American meals are sometimes 4 times the size they should be. Isn't that crazy? When I first started 21 day fix, I learned that I was eating portion sizes that should have been for a man, twice my size! And my ratios were all out of whack! Here I am a year later, and I've taken my new education of portion sizes and applied it to my life. When I started fix, I would measure my foods in the containers, then dump them out onto my plate so that I could visually see what that portion of mashed potatoes should look like. And voila! Now I know what the proper portion looks like on my plate, so I don't need to measure with my container, I'm a pro at portions!

Furthermore, even though they are small portions, you are eating GOOD foods. The calories inside them are not empty, they are dense, nutritious calories, they fill you up! They keep you satisfied, and you're eating 5-6 of these smaller meals each day. Hunger? NOPE. You'll be so full, more often people tell me they can't possibly eat all their containers in one day!

#3 If it fits, it ships! There's HUGE and comprehensive lists of foods that you "can" eat. You can't eat candy, that's a given. But if you want wine, done! If you want chocolate, done! If you want mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, steak, done!!! If it's on the HUGE list of food, and it fits in with your containers that day, you're golden! There are some foods that you'll chop up to get inside the container for measurement, example, canteloupe, but there are others that you don't chop up you're just given a serving size, example 1 slice of bread counts as 1 yellow container.

I promise you this, it's not difficult! Simple Eating. Simple Fitness (30 minutes a day), fast results (10-15 pounds in 21 days).

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