May 7, 2015

Stop beating yourself up!

Just stop it! You know what the secret to staying on point is? Realizing that you never will be.

Truly, we will never be 100% perfect with nutrition and fitness. Fitness is a journey. When you climb a mountain, you slip a few times. Then, when you get to the top, you gotta get back down! It's always an adventure, a journey, it's about the ride, not necessarily the destination.

If you always feel like a failure, you just won't stick with it! It's in your best interest to realize that you're never going to be 100% on track, forgive yourself for the little slip ups, allow yourself to have a margarita with your girlfriends, some chocolate cake at your child's birthday party, or just a plain BAD DAY that warrants some much deserved chocolate. FORGIVE YOURSELF. Then move forward. Tomorrow is a new day, work at your health and fitness.

You have to be honest with yourself about how many slip ups are going on... You don't want to completely FALL OFF the mountain. Ouch. That would hurt and then you would have to start over. But tripping and stumbling along the way is a-okay. You're working toward something, you're on an adventure, you're not on the couch.

Praise yourself for successes, forgive yourself for struggles, try again. And Smile. Because no matter how "fit" you are, you are downright gorgeous for having the courage to focus on yourself a little bit and make yourself healthy.

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