May 4, 2015

Gym versus Home Workout

When it comes to working out, people generally prefer to workout from home or at the gym. I actually would enjoy a little of both, the gym has machines that I don’t have, however, I have plenty of strength training workouts that don’t even require weights or machines. And I have free weights and resistance bands at home that give me a good workout sans machine, for a fraction of the cost of that gym membership. Plus, being a mommy of a toddler I can’t get to the gym. Yes, I know there is child care, No, she won’t go. However, if it boiled down to me choosing one over the other, I would choose the home workout. Why?


Gym: While some gyms are open 24 hours, it is not convenient to get there, you don’t have access to any nutrition benefits (and nutrition is 80%, what a big piece of the puzzle!) If you can even afford a coach, you don’t have access to them for same-day advice, and does this person truly care about your success? Maybe, maybe not. You would have to be the judge.

Home Workout: Online or at home fitness training is accessible from home, office, any time of day/night. Online programs are interactive and dynamic, you have access to your coach, you have access to a nutrition guide that best works with your specific program, and you have online support, which again is convenient, any time of day! In most cases, you’re going to get your answer from your coach same-day, because your coach truly cares!


Gym: Let’s face it, you get taken with fees. Might as well just add a direct siphon to your bank account.

Home Workout: Working out from home is free after making a small investment in weights and/or a program to follow.


Gym: I think people underestimate the amount of time that gym workouts actually steal from you! When you calculate the prep time, getting dressed, packing a bag, driving there (HAHA if you live in SoCal like me), checking in your kid if they attend the child care, working out (hey, we finally got to the actual workout portion of the adventure), picking up kid, driving back home, and showering, a rather large window of time has just been used.

Home Workout: Roll out of bed. Push Play. Workout. Shower. Go about your day. So much time is saved because you can start working out immediately and go about your day right after.


Gym: Most gyms offer a variety of weights, machines, and classes.

Home Workout: The variety of exercises you can do are only limited by the space in your home and budget that you have. You can get an equally great workout, if not better, at home. People actually take their laptops with their at home workout programs to the gym, the program is that good! Why not just stay home?


Gym: Usually, people don’t work with a trainer, and often they have no idea what they are doing. They are inconsistent. Results seem to suffer or plateau.

Home Workout: The personal trainer is right there with you on DVD or On Demand. The program is dialed in to give you a routine to follow for optimal results and consistency. It’s more difficult to skip your workout when it’s in your home, but skipping the gym, hey, that’s easy.

Especially if you are new to fitness, online programs can be so beneficial. You get a caring coach and a comprehensive fitness program that includes nutrition and wellness. You likely don’t know where to start, and you probably aren’t going to get these resources from a gym. Your online fitness coach can guide you to choose a program that you are going to love, which ultimately means that you are going to stick with it and have more success. The more customized your program, the more successful and enjoyable your new healthy lifestyle will be. Have access to our online coach eliminates hours of research time on your part, looking for programs, exercise moves, nutrition advice, muscle rehabilitation, and so much more.

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